Cathy Sassin is an internationally renowned expert on health, nutrition and fitness, creating individual performance nutrition and exercise programs for over 20 years. Her client base ranges from celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes and fitness cover models to those with eating disorders, lifetime dieting  histories, medical concerns, and anyone wanting to look and feel their best. Sassin’s professional experience includes a degree in Kinesiology from UCLA, and more than a decade working with Gold’s Gym International as a nutrition consultant, speaker, and author of the Gold’s Gym Exercise Journal. She was the director of the Intrafitt Performance Nutrition and Exercise Center in Venice, California before working with clients independently.

 A D V E N T U R E  .  S P O R T S

For more than a decade,  Cathy Sassin enjoyed competing in extreme challenges through the sport of adventure racing. In 2000 and 2002, her prowess led her to to be recognized as one of 100 top female athletes in the country by the Women’s Sports Foundation. After her adventure racing career, she did commentating for adventure sports, along with hosting, infomercial and instructional video work. Numerous television and talk show appearances include commentating for CBS, ABC, OLN and ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and features in national and international publications, including Elle, Shape, Sports Illustrated and Oxygen magazines, among others.

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